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A collaborative robot assembling electronics at a workstation.

About the project

Collaborative robotics is safe and productive co-working in production between robots and humans. However, taking the technology into use and utilising it to the fullest is slowed down by the lack of know-how in robotics or automation.

The Rokka project creates digital educational material for utilising cobots. We offer training, orientation and practical exercises for companies, teaching and research staff to help them gain the required competence. Competence development also helps lowering the threshold for incorporating cobots into the production chain. This, in turn, improves the competitiveness of the companies.

In addition, our objective is to create an international network of collaboration and to bring international know-how on cobotics to companies and higher education institutions. With international know-how, the companies and organisations in the Oulu region will rise to the top of their field. However, both the companies and the staff at higher education institutions want to see examples of good, international practices before investing or incorporating cobots into the daily operations.

With our work, we also want to improve the collaboration between education institutions in teaching collaborative robotics. The traditional fields of mechanical and automation technologies need more skilled experts. In collaboration, we can develop the learning paths so that the basics of collaborative robotics could already be taught at the second degree institutions and thus gain new students at universities of applied sciences.

Course tray

During the Rokka project, we will carry out a virtual course tray in collaborative robotics. The courses are in Finnish and meant for teaching and research staff as well as for companies to improve their basic know-how on collaborative robotics.

We also arrange pilot trainings for different target groups. Some of the training material will be produced in English. This way we will also be able to raise international interest and start collaboration.

At a later stage, we will publish a non-stop, self-paced MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Getting to know cobots. This course will be available for all, who are interested in cobots.


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