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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: What are cobots?
The gripper of a collaborative robot.

What are cobots?


Collaborative robots, cobots, are small, automated robots, which can be programmed for completing different tasks in production and working safely with or alongside humans.

Cobots can be used in manufacturing small and medium-sized series. They can work within the same work space with humans in different parts of manufacture. Depending on the application, separate protective areas are not required. Cobots can be used in helping humans with tasks that require precision and repetition. With machine vision and sensors, cobots can be utilised in many different types of duties.

In recent years, more inexpensive, smaller and versatile collaborative robots have become available. Their use in manufacturing small series is already financially lucrative. This is supported by the fact that the robots are light-weight: they can be moved to different jobs during the same working day. In other words, the same robot can be utilised in several different jobs.

The benefits of cobots

For small and medium enterprises cobots offer new possibilities in labour and in improving the efficiency of manufacture. Programming cobots is easy: you just show the cobot the moves you wish it to make. Thanks to cobots, the staff’s competence can be better utilised in more complex, value-adding tasks.

A person programming a collaborative robot to move small pieces of metal in front of a CNC lathe machine.

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